Amazon Rainforest – Amazon Cruises – Brazil

Somes interesting information about Brazilian Amazon

  • Area: 1 559 146 876 km²
  • Capital : Manaus
  • Main airport : Aeroporto Internacional de Manaus / Eduardo Gomes  MAO
  • Type of Climate:  Tropical
  • Average temperature :31°

the rainy season (from November to April) and a drier season (May to October).

A tour or cruise of the Amazon Rainforest is a sublime journey into the heart of most biodiverse place on the planet.  we offer a variety of Amazon rainforest tours and amazon river cruises in Brazil . All tours include :

    • Meeting of Waters (visit by boat or canoe the source of the Rio Amazon the meeting between Rio Negro and Rio Solimões
    • Forest guide tour for bird watching
    • Visit a local Indian community
    • Survival course »Night in the forest with guide»
    • Observation and possibility to swim with the « boto-vermelho » amazonian dolphin
    • Fishing for amazonian piranhas

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our idea of stays in the Amazon

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