Philosophy and way of working

Philosophy and way of working Brazil Ecotour

The secret of a great trip starts with great planning. Throughout the entire planning process you will be speaking to a dedicated Travel Manager who will be in charge of all details of your trip. The more you tell us about your interests, the better we can help create an itinerary that suits your needs. One of the greatest attractions of tailor made trips are that itineraries are flexible. When you are in Brazil, you will count with the assistance of our operations department, on call 24 hours a day , and always available to answer any doubts, make changes to the itinerary or simply suggest a good restaurant for dinner. We have a philosophy that ‘almost anything is possible’ and love to plan trips for people who like to get off the beaten path and challenge our creativity! After having planned hundreds of individually crafted trips, we have divided the trip planning process into the following steps:


After getting to know you and your travel objectives, we will propose an itinerary that we think best fits what you are looking for.


Once we have agreed on a storyboard, we will budget your trip out and send you a detailed itinerary that explains everything that’s included. We then normally require a 50% deposit.


One month before the trip we will confirm to you final details of the trip and charge you for the remaining 50% of the trip. About two weeks before the trip, you will receive a complete briefing kit with a detailed day-by-day briefing including all telephone numbers you will require, interesting background information about the places you will visit, lists of suggested restaurants, shopping etc.

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