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The route of emotions Brazil

The Route of Emotions Brazil

Discover the best of Nordeste of Brazil. In one week minimum. The road of emotions from Sao Luis to Fortaleza. Passing by the Lencois Maranhenses and Jericoacoara beach.

Impressive off-road trip. By one of the most exotic regions of the world. The Route of Emotions – Jeri, Delta, and Lençóis. Fantastic landscapes such as the « desert » of Brazil. Full of lakes with crystal clear waters. The only open sea delta in the Americas. And one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

You will visit 03 states of Brazil. In a modern 4×4 vehicles and speedboats.  Besides several OPTIONAL ativities such as walks. Horse rides. panoramic flights. Surf, kite and windsurf. Bird and natural life watching besides  living experience with local communities.


travel tips Jericoacoara – Sao Luis

Main distances between the principal cities :

  • Fortaleza a Jericoacora  (CE)- 300  km
  • Jericoacora (CE)  a Barra Grande (PI) –  175 km
  • Barra Grande a Parnaíba (PI) – 70 km
  • Parnaíba (PI) a Barreirinhas (MA) – 200 km
  • Barreirinhas a São Luís do Maranhão (MA) – 320 km

What to do in Jericoacoara: 

  • get a walk to Pedra Furada ( one of the main attraction of Jericoacoara) if the tide is low
  • Assist to the sunset on the dune of Jericoacoara
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