the ABROLHOS MARINE NATIONAL PARK "catamaran cruise"


 Abrolhos Marin national park protects a significant portion of the largest coral bank and most important nursery for humpback whales in the South Atlantic, in addition to species of sea turtles, seabirds and a multitude of fish and invertebrates that make up the greatest marine biodiversity in Brazil and the South Atlantic. The region aroused great curiosity for Charles Darwin and other scientists and illustrious navigators such as Amerigo Vespucci, who had already been to the place.

Highlights of Biodiversity in the archipelago:

whalewatching brazil

Abrolhos Marine National Park ​

humpback whales

The park protects the main nursery of humpback whales in the South Atlantic, which migrate to the Abrolhos Bank to reproduce and have their young (from June to November)

Abrolhos Marine National Park ​

Abrolhos Marine National Park ​​

Largest Coral Bank South Atlantic​

It is the only region on the planet where it is possible to find the brain coral (Mussismilia braziliensis), known for its peculiar appearance.

Abrolhos National Marine Park

Abrolhos Marine National Park ​​

Bird Watching

The islands are home to several species of seabirds, both resident and migratory, among them: the red-billed grazina, white and brown atobahs, frigate birds and benedicts.

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