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Rio Grande Do Norte Natal

Rio Grande do Norte – Natal – Parque das Dunas – Pipa – Tibau do Sul –

Gateway to the stunning beaches of Rio Grande do Norte. The city of Natal is perched on Brazil’sAtlantic coast. At the mouth of the Potengi River. Escape the bustle at secluded Pipa and Pirangi beaches. Or live it up at Genipabu and Tibau do Sul. The city is surrounded by Dune State Park.

Holidays in the Nordeste: buggy tour along the beaches between Fortaleza and Natal to discover Canoa Quebrada. Galinhos. And São Miguel de Gostoso. All along the trip. private buggy trip with guide and driver ask for your free quote.

Canoa Quebrada is a beach located on the east coast of the State of Ceará. Distant 163 km from Fortaleza.

Galinhos one of the most beautiful beach in Brazil, The beach whose name refers to the local fish ‘Peixe-Galo’, is formed of a broad band of sand, ending in a calm and shallow sea. organize your buggy ride from Fortaleza or Natal. And discover the most beautiful beach in the Northeast of Brazil.



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