lençois maranhenses

Sao Luis - Atins - Barreirinhas - Santo Amaro

Parc des Lençois Maranhenses

A sea of crystalline lagoons between white sand dunes. The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park forms a unique setting in the world and it is impossible not to be dazzled by this landscape. Located in the northwest of Maranhão and 250 km from São Luís capital, Lençóis attracts visiting from all corners, but for the experience to be the best possible, you need to keep an eye on the calendar.

The high season takes place during and after the rainy season, between the months of April and August. At the height of the drought, from October to December, almost all the lagoons disappear and the landscape is transformed into a great desert, dotted with lagoons here and there. Discover our Best tours in the lençois Maranhenses National Park.

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