Fernando de noronha Brazil

Small history of the archipelago

The island of Fernando de Noronha was discovered in 1503 by a Portuguese expedition financed by Fernão de Loronha. It becomes an important commercial hub between Brazil and Europe. Ships from Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands arrive on the archipelago to fill their holds with tons of pau-brasil, the wood that gave its name to the country. In 2001, already transformed into a national park, the island of Fernando de Noronha is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which emphasizes its importance for the survival of endangered species, such as sea turtles, and its function as a reserve feeding the entire local ecosystem.

Fernando de Noronha

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How to get there:

Unless you are a brave swimmer, the easiest and fastest way to reach the island is by plane. Recife and Natal operate daily flights to the island. Flight time is 1 hour from Recife and 1 hour 30 minutes from Natal.

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what you should have in your suitcase for Fernando de Noronha:

swimsuits; Solar cream ; mosquito repellent ; camera for aquatic photos. And leave a little room for: an open mind; the desire to discover paradise on earth.

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You are on an island surrounded by the sea. So do not worry: you will eat very well. In spite of their simplicity, the restaurants of the island master perfectly the preparation of the seafoods. Trust me, you will be delighted every day with the crudités and the fishes of the island.

What to do in Fernando de Noronha?

Above all, be aware that the number of travelers to Noronha is limited. Impossible to leave for the island at the last minute. If you want to know the archipelago of dreams, you will need to plan your trip, and book hotel and flight. Once there, do not hesitate to rent a buggy, the small all-terrain car that will take you everywhere. Level activities, diving and hiking take the lion’s share. On land or in the sea, everything you discover will arouse wonder and admiration: the colors of the water, the richness of the fauna, the beauty of the landscape … Fernando de Noronha is without doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here are the top things to do on the island

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Diving and snorkeling

If you are not used to using oxygen bottles, do not hesitate to opt for snorkeling: the pleasure is the same. Given that the Noronha Sea is transparent and clear, this will be enough to observe marine biodiversity without any problem. Small tip: take a local guide to guide you in the sea. He will tell you where each species, each hidden corner and it will help you to swim if you get tired.

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Baia do Sancho

Sancho Bay is the most beautiful beach in Brazil. Surrounded by high cliffs and vegetation in different shades of green, it is one of the few places in Noronha where you can swim and touch the ground without damaging the corals. If you visit the island for the first six months of the year, you will discover Sancho Bay with hundreds of turtles laying their eggs on the beach.

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PlanaSub is probably the most fun activity. Nicknamed « Aquatic Flight », it is actually a snorkeling hike. Clinging to a small board, you are pulled by a medium speed boat, and can observe underwater wildlife without providing any special effort.

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For Brazilian surfers, Noronha is the Eldorado. Desired by many, surfed by a few, the waves of the island have a worldwide reputation thanks to the quality of their tubes, which even Kelly Slater admires. And as the tourist attendance of the island is regulated, there are never more than 10 surfers at the same time.

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