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Fernando de Noronha is one of the most beautiful destinations in Brazil and who has never thought of visiting the place,cast the first stone! The Pernambuco archipelago was once a prison, a strategic military point,
and today is one of the most loved and desired beach destinations in Brazil.

Much frequented by celebrities, Fernando de Noronha and its atmosphere have become a dream come true for many people who enjoy contact with nature love diving or looking for luxury confort.
With stunningly colorful beaches, animals of the most varied species living freely, and one of the best diving spots in the country,
the consequence could not be other than a perfect island for sightseeing and relaxing.

Where is Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is located about 500 km from Pernambuco’s capital, Recife. Currently Azul and Gol airlines fly to the island, with flights departing from Recife and Natal; therefore, if your starting city is any other Brazilian city, you will have to make a connection in Pernambuco or Rio Grande do Norte.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tourism on the island happens all year round, but depending on your purpose, there are better and worse times to travel. For those who like surfing, January is the ideal month to catch good waves. For those who prefer a very calm sea with few waves, try to travel between August and September. The rains happen mainly in the first semester, between February and July, but the sun shines all year round and the rains are often temporary.

Vacation time, holidays, and the second half of December to the end of January are high season in Noronha and prices are sky high. If you want to save money, avoid traveling during this time!

Fernando de Noronha is an environmental protection area and to enter the island you have to pay a fee – a lot of people find this information strange, but yes, you have to pay to visit Noronha. This environmental preservation fee is paid according to the number of days the tourist stays on the island and costs R$79.20 (Jun/2021) per day, per person. I leave the tip to pay the fee in advance, to facilitate entry on the island – see here for more information.

In addition, to enter certain areas of the Fernando de Noronha National Marine Park – PARNAMAR – it is also necessary to have a ticket, which lasts 10 days. The ticket includes access to activities such as the Atalaia and Capim-Açu trail and beaches such as Sueste and Sancho. Currently, the ticket costs R$126 for Brazilians who show their national document; the value for foreigners is R$251. Tickets can be purchased online or on the island and some activities require advance booking — be aware of the rules for each of Noronha’s activities and attractions.

Accommodation in Noronha is an issue that deserves attention. The island has many hostels, but most of them are simple and the prices are higher than in the rest of Brazil. We can say that the hostels are broadly divided into three categories – there are family hostels – small accommodations supported directly by the inhabitants of the island -, mid-level hostels and luxury ones. In general, rates at Noronha are not a bargain, so make sure you choose your hotel at the last minute, especially if you are traveling during peak season. for more information you can contact us directly

What to do in Fernando de Noronha

The beaches are the main attractions of Noronha and as the photos show they are really wonderful! It is worth knowing which beaches that are part of the National Marine Park need a ticket to access it – the main beaches you will need a ticket to visit are Sueste and Praia do Sancho, which is considered one of the best beaches in Brazil.

Fernando de Noronha beaches

1. Praia do Cachorro (Dog Beach)

Located in Vila dos Remédios, Praia do Cachorro is one of the few beaches in Noronha that has the structure of a commerce. The beach is small, with natural pools that form during low tide and has tables and umbrellas for the client at the beach bar.

2. Praia do Meio

Also close to the village, Praia do Meio is between Praia do Cachorro and Praia da Conceição. It is a medium sized beach, ideal for those who want to relax without meeting too many people. It’s a beautiful beach with little tourist traffic

3. Praia da Conceição

Extensive, Conceição is one of the most popular beaches in Noronha to watch the sunset. The sea here usually has big waves and is one of the few points on the island that has the presence of lifeguards. Between Conceição and Praia do Meio, there is the Bar do Meio, a very nice place to have lunch or a drink in the evening.

4. Praia do Sancho

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Praia do Sancho is a must-see in Fernando de Noronha. It is located in the middle of a huge rock wall and can be accessed from the sea or via a staircase created in the middle of a crack in the stone. Access is really not the simplest, but the beach is delicious and worth the descent! From the top there are some viewpoints, which lead to the observation of Praia do Sancho itself and the neighboring Baía dos Porcos and Morro Dois Irmãos, also symbols of the beauty of Noronha. In the stretch of sand opposite the beach access, in the middle of the forest, a small waterfall usually forms during the rainy season and in the same direction, it is sometimes possible to observe sharks in the sea.

5. Baía dos Porcos ( Pis Bay)

Little giant, this is the beautiful Bay of Pigs. A beach formed in the middle of the rock wall, surrounded by greenery and natural pools accessible during low tide. The place has green waters that are usually visited by turtles and a beautiful view of Morro Dois Irmãos.

6. Baía dos Golfinhos (Dolphin Bay)

It’s not really a beach, but it couldn’t be missing from that list. The Bay of Dolphins is a region of Noronha that many dolphins tend to visit every day. The place cannot be visited and is not open for bathing, but from the top of the stone wall on the edge of the sea, there is a lookout from which you can see it. The access to the small trail from Mirante dos Golfinhos is made in the same place that you visit Praia do Sancho, so take the opportunity to get to know the two together.

7. Praia do Porto

Praia do Porto is where the archipelago’s boat port was created. With so many beautiful beaches in the region, Porto may not attract so much attention at first, but what many people don’t know is that its secret is under water! It is one of the best places in the archipelago to go snorkeling and have a baptism! The area has a shipwreck, is constantly frequented by turtles, stingrays and several other marine species! If you have time, go swimming between Praia do Porto and Praia do Cachorro, the tour can yield beautiful landscapes!

8. Baía do Sueste

Excellent for snorkeling, Sueste is one of the most popular beaches in Noronha! It is a beach with good structure, access is monitored and generally has few waves. The best thing about the Southeast is that it is possible to observe turtles, sharks and other fish of different species that often visit the place to feed.

9. Praia do Leão (Lion Beach)

Beach with an incredible view and a very blue sea. It’s a big beach, usually empty and a little treacherous, as it has strong waves. Many turtles spawn on this beach, so, at the right time, there are night activities with the Tamar Project biologists to observe the spawning of these turtles and the opening of nests.

10. Cacimba do Padre

Cacimba do Padre beach is one of the most popular beaches in Fernando de Noronha for surfing. It is a very long beach, which has one of the main attractions of the island: Morro Dois Irmãos. It is through this beach that the access to the Bay of Pigs is given, so it is very worthwhile to visit both beaches on the same tour!

Touristic Sights of Fernando de Noronha

1.Vila dos Remédios and Fort Nossa Senhora dos Remédios

This is the center of the island, where there are restaurants, snack bars, shops and a charming little church. It is a place that you will eventually discover on your tours and that you must go to if you want to enjoy the nightlife. It is in Vila dos Remédios that the Fort Nossa Senhora dos Remédios is located, which has a super beautiful sunset!

2.Mirante do Boldró

Installed where the remains of Fort São Pedro do Boldró are located, the Mirante is another point on the island that many people like to visit at sunset. The view from up there is super beautiful and it gets even better when the sky gets colored at dusk!

Tours in Fernando de Noronha


A classic tour in Noronha, Ilhatour takes tourists to know the main points of the island in a single day. On this tour, which can be done in a group or privately, in a truck or buggy, you will visit beaches such as Sancho and Sueste to Ponta da Air France. It can be a very tiring tour, after all, if you visit many places in the same day, but to have a general panorama of the island, it’s great!

Noronha boat trip

Unmissable, the boat trip is an opportunity to observe the sea of Noronha from another angle and notice the nuances of its color. The tour is only made when the sea is in good condition and departs from Praia do Porto, crossing the coast along the Mar de Fora. The activity is offered by different companies, so each one of them has a schedule. Companies usually stop for diving at Praia do Sancho and some of them offer lunch, which makes the activity different. The great expectation of many people when taking this tour is that the dolphins appear – and usually they do, it’s an unforgettable moment!

Trails in Fernando de Noronha

There are several trails that can be taken in Noronha, including Atalaia (short and long), Capim-Açu and Morro São José. all of them must be scheduled for the activity, made at the TAMAR/ICMBio Center and in possession of your ticket to the National Marine Park.

Below you can check the trails to do in Fernando de Noronha with mandatory scheduling

  • Morro São José
  • Abreu
  • Pontinha-caieira
  • watchtower
  • Campim-Açu

Trail in need of guides:

  • Pontinha-caieira
  • Morro São José
  • Campim-Açu

Scuba diving Fernando de Noronha

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Fernando de Noronha is the perfect destination to practice diving or to start diving, whether through snorkeling or scuba diving. Whichever you choose, the archipelago will offer an incredible experience, with good visibility and a huge variety of species to be observed. For those who want to start practicing scuba diving, in depth, it is worth taking a course beforehand, or even on the island itself, the so-called “baptism”.

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6 Day Tour in Fernando de Noronha

Day 1: Arrival in Fernando de Noronha and Praias do Centro: Praia do Cachorro, Praia do Meio and Sunset at Praia da Conceição
Day 2: Island Tour and Sunset at Forte do Boldró
Day 3: Boat trip (half time) and diving at Porto de Santo Antônio Beach – Sunset at São Pedro Chapel
Day 4: Trilha do Atalaia or Trilha dos Abreus (schedule upon arrival at ICMBio headquarters) + Sueste Beach + Leão Beach
Day 5: Baía do Sancho and Baía dos Porcos for the second time – Sunset at Pedra do Bode
Day 6: Beaches on the Costa Esmeralda Trail (Boldró and Americano) or choose another trail in Noronha
Day 7: Farewell to Fernando de Noronha

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